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Mariah Carey Fans

Mariah Fans
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The One and Only source for Mariah News, Discussion and Media


*Posts and lots of them! Posts can include questions, news, mp3s, videos, icons (or any other media of her)
*Promoting the community.
*Enjoying yourself and the content provided.


*Keep all posts Mariah related.
*You must lj-cut any medium to large pictures, graphics, articles, reviews or spoilers.
*If you post news, it must have a source. Do not post rumors without a link identifying the source or it will be deleted.
*Do not spam the community.
*Do not take any graphics that don't belong to you unless you ask or they are offered credit-free.
*You must end all scripts if you are using them in your posts (ex. marquee, font, color, etc.)
*No negativity towards other members.
*No directly linking pictures.
*No asking for graphic, icon, layout or any other LJ help, even if they're for Mariah related purposes. Use icon and layout communities and LJ FAQ's instead.
*Absolutely NO promotion or advertising of communities, icon journals or anything of the like. That's what community_promo is for.
*Absolutely NO requesting of any official Mariah Carey media (examples being Greatest Hits, Unplugged, etc), basically anything that was released by her and her record label.

Failure to comply with these rules can and will result in the deletion of your posts and/or banning from community.


Any other concerns, please contact your moderator not_kosher. Have fun!

Mariah Central

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